The Essential – Hout Baai

Having lived here for nearly ten years I have photographed Hout Baai harbour ad nausium – indeed why not?

This quaint working harbour attracts more than its fair share of local and international visitors. Along with the latter it seems I am constantly beguiled by the cacophony of colour and light as it dances between the fishing boats.

However attractive it appears to the casual visitor taking snaps, I have found its not always the easiest place to really capture its anachronistic charm. In the summer the sun is invariably too bright, even at sun up. By the time the orb creeps over hump of Constantiaberg and floods the bay, the light (temperature) can be too hot; glaring contrast can easily fool the best digital sensors.

No, the winter is the best time; on those calm, mid-week days when the westerly fronts have abated and the Cape seems to take a long deep breath. The sea in the bay turns to a clear oily green and settles in the harbour reflecting up through the maze of Tuna, Cray-Fish and coastal ocean fishing boats; this is my time to capture the essence of this rare place.

In this series of images I endeavour to recapture a little of the long history of the Cape and blend with the quintessence of today’s Hout Bay.

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These images are for sale in various sizes and are displayed in Galleries around Cape Town or you may contact me direct for more information.