Its been a “dreek” day…

It’s been a “dreek” day here in Hout Bay. For those who wonder what “dreek” is? Well it’s a colloquial word specifically used in the Border country of Scotland. If you think the Cape Westerly’s are cold, then spend some time south east of Edinburgh in the winter and I promise you will always remember “dreek” – I digress!


As the afternoon progressed the remaining day brightened – I am always, I mean always, aware of the light, even indoors in front of “pixels”. The waning day took on a glow. I grabbed my gear and headed for Chapmans peak drive. As I drove slowly towards the toll station I was beguiled by the contrast between the scorched   (   fynbos and the exposed orange earth. The sun split the cloud close to the horizon adding to the golden glow. I got a day-pass and meandered along the road, annoying drivers racing past me going somewhere… why don’t you slow down and look at the light and the wonder unfolding before you?


Then I waited watching the shadows dance across the mountain, the hue deepening from the sunset. I wonder what the drivers thought (as they screeched – normal driving), as at times, I grabbed my camera and tripod running from the middle of the road to avoid adding to the road kill!


Seems I survived to post some of my images – hope you like, I do!


  1. Hey Peter, remembering some “dreek” days in Namibia on a damp cold windswept beach with a bunch of neanderthals 😉
    Lovely pics… Missing HB

    • pcprint

      Hi John, how could I forget, I’m sure you miss the Bay, I miss those “dreek” days in my home too

  2. Mike Kendrick

    Beautiful images. Goes to show that you don’t always have to travel far from home to find great light and stunning land forms.

    • pcprint

      Hi Mike,
      Thank you for the comments. Its so true we often don’t see what is under our nose and go running off to locations far away that we think will provide us with great images,

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