My Gallery


In September 2013 I occupied my new space—my future gallery. I already knew which images I wanted on display and exactly how I wanted them framed. It didn’t take long to make the decision to do my own framing. My fledgling gallery was used for making frames and mounting my images and it was quickly filled with benches, tools, and other framing gear: a workshop, or a gallery?



I had no choice to be “open” as my entrance is shared. As visitors’ wandered around navigating my workbenches, cartons and other paraphernalia looking at my images in various states of completeness, I tried to concentrate on my new craft of framing and at the same time engage with my curious guests.

I completed the first 26-framed images in early December, designed and engineered the hanging system and the phase one of my gallery was on show for Christmas. To have one’s work framed and on permanent show for the first time after 50 years of photography is both daunting and incredibly exciting.

Current Gallery Images from South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Why a Gallery?

Fine Art Photographs seen on a computer screen are very different to a large image printed on the very best fine art paper, exquisitely framed and hung in the correct light.

The reason why museums and exhibitions remain in such demand is that one can never appreciate a painting, artefact or object d’art on the Internet. As human beings it’s built into our very core to interact with the external world, we appreciate and revere tangible objects and yearn to decorate our homes with these memories or extensions of our imagination. As an artist and photographer it is therefore a natural extension to my creative work to own and operate a dedicated gallery to display and sell my work – to sell or pass on ones work implies appreciation by the recipient. The reward in the form of a contribution to ones livelihood completes the cycle strokes the ego and soothes the soul.

Image Criteria

My images consist of Limited and Open Edition prints. As I state in my about page, I print all my own work. All my work is signed and embossed with my unique initials. Limited Edition work is numbered, signed and validated with a hologram system; clients are given a certificate of authenticity with limited edition prints.

Most of my work is printed on Epson or Hahnemuhle fine art paper (matte), which I choose at the time of original printing and remains the same choice throughout the edition. This is not a random decision but is dependent on the dynamic range of the image, the colour gamut (scope) and the framing style. I have a range of images, which I print on canvas and this is normally dedicated to these images only.

Printing and Framing

The framed prints on show hanging in the gallery are generally not for sale, they are gallery examples, which I intend to refresh over time as new relevant work is worthy —I print to order and the prices shown in my gallery are for a custom print only, without frame.

I offer a bespoke framing service at extra cost and will discuss a customer’s requirement and pricing at the time of order. The framing and mounting styles are limited as shown below. If a customer requires the print only and is happy to have the print framed to their choice then prints are normally rolled in protective tissue paper and enclosed in a substantial cardboard tube for protection.

Deep Sunk Box with Raised Float Mount


Box Frame with Raised Shadow Mount


Deep Sunk Box with Raised Float Print and Raised Mount Board

frame-3 2


Black Aluminum Frame Without Mount Board


I will ship worldwide either framed or unframed and will quote a Fedex service at the time of purchase.