Peter Corbett Fine Art Photography

My work as a Fine Art Photographer is a means to express my love of the natural world through subjective high quality printed photographic images.

When I see potential in a landscape I try to imagine the possibilities I could interpret through the lens but always with the final print in mind. For me, my images are more than a mere document or a literal account of a landscape or scene captured by the camera, it is an emotional response to what I feel at that time which is finally represented in my own personal style of processing and printmaking.


Camerawork to Print is the culmination of my creative vision and technical mastery. Taking the photograph is the start of a story, which for me must conclude with a print. The print carries weight, a tangible physical object to be lived with and enjoyed every day, framed to perfection and hung in a personal or public space: a constant—as art as been through the ages.

Harmonising Creative Vision with Printing Excellence

I have, since my early days using film and a “wet” darkroom always considered photography, (image capture) processing and printmaking an inseparable art, and therefore is my sole “artistic” responsibility. Just as the (film) negative and photographic papers were manipulated to their technical limits using optics, filters, time and chemicals to represent an artist’s vision, so this essential process remains fundamentally no different today. However today I use digital cameras to capture an image, computer technology to develop the latent file, then Inkjet printers to render the final Print.

To exhibit or have one’s work shown in a gallery is probably every artist’s ambition. In late 2013 I was given the opportunity to take a space in the Harvest Centre – Hout Bay Harbour, Cape Town and opened the Peter Corbett Fine Art Photographic Gallery.