Dawn to Dusk in the Waterfront

Cape Town Waterfront & Harbour – Sun-up to Sun-set.

To be honest these were not shot on the same day. However these images showcase this spectacular, location from sunrise to after sunset. This world-renowned travel destination is 20 minutes from my home – I have lived here for 10 years and photographed the area hundreds of times, I am still beguiled.

The eclectic mix of up-market shopping and world class Hotels hand-in-glove with heavy marine industry is probably unique, but how many visitors really see the detail though cacophony.


  1. Hey Peter – these are great. Really refreshing view of the Waterfront and Harbour. Love the Clock Tower and Big Ship Little Ship.

  2. Deborah Saint

    Love your photography Peter. I especially like your landscapes but you even manage to make cranes and oil rigs look fabulous!!

  3. pcprint

    Thank you Deborah, its all about light; whatever the technicalities of photography, anything can look great with the right light!

  4. Lance Abrahams

    Hi Peter.

    Fantastic work. It takes an incredible eye and attention to detail to spot potential in any environment.

    What makes it even more exciting is the fact that you will be passing on your skills to learners in WC schools. Thank you for this selfless and generous opportunity which your are giving to our learners and teachers..

    Great work. I am looking forward to your programme with Western Cape Schools.

    Lance Abrahams

    • pcprint

      Thank you Lance, I too am looking forward to the programme and the exciting opportunity ahead for the learners.

  5. gian

    All valid comments…but you still need a good eye to let other people see what they can’t see.