A DAY TRIP – Cape Town to Utopia

If you like exploring and want to get away from the cacophony and pressure of the coming festive season, do yourself a favour this holiday and take a drive into part of the Western Cape’s most spectacular, unspoiled nature. From Cape Town you can do this in one day – if you set off early. Pack some food, take your camera, binoculars and a warm coat (Oh yes a coat, where you are going the weather is highly changeable and temperatures are unpredictable) and head to Ceres. Fill up the tank and take the R 355, hit the dirt road then hang a right to Sutherland. From Sutherland find the Ouberg pass, from here just enjoy and navigate back to Ceres – or if you want, contact me and I will be happy to give you other options.

Click an image to enlarge – use the RIGHT & LEFT arrows to view the gallery.

Your comments and feedback is appreciated – thank you for looking.


  1. bill thompson

    happy new year
    your photographs are amazing
    i hope you are well and the kids have enjoyed xmas
    give me an update on your life